Kent Ozone Dental Jet

So far you have been depending on your ordinary tooth brush and tooth paste to keep your teeth clean and your mouth fresh. However, most often, they are not able to satisfactorily remove all food particles and bacteria from teeth and gums. The cleaning becomes virtually impossible for people having uneven teeth, inter dental gaps or braces. Improper cleaning, foul odors and various dental aches and ailments.

Kent presents your personal 'Ozone Dental Jet' that sprays a high pressure stream of water mixed with ozone gaps, to completely clean your teeth from all nocks and corner to give you a lasting freshness, healthier & white teeth and freedom from dental disease.

Features :
  • A Sharp water jet mixed with Ozone Gas, a proven natural disinfectant, sterilizes and disinfects mouth by killing harmful germs.

  • Helps in preventing Pyorrhoea and gum

  • Ozone Gas, an effective bleach, makes the teeth whiter.

  • Provides lasting freshness of breath.

  • Builds a healthy dental practice, leading to better oral hygiene, prevention of toothache, gum disorders and other diseases.

  • User friendly - 4 speed mechanisum that is convenient to use with 4 seperate colour nozzles for each family members











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Specifications :

DC12V1A (Supplied with adaptor 220 VAC to 12 VDC)
Rater Power Consumption
2 minutes
Size (L x W x H)
155 x 150 x 178mm
Ozone output
0.1 mg/ltr
less than 70dB (A)
Operating temeprature
0 to 40 degrees Celsius
Operating humidity
45% to 95%
Water flow
4 settings 280 ml to 420 ml in two minutes
Water pressure
4 settings, 66 kpa to 130 kpa
No. of nozzles
4 separate color identification -1 for each family member


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