Kent Mineral RO Water Purifier is the Worlds First Mineral RO

The advantage of Kent Mineral RO is that you can be sure of  

* More pure water, free from bacteria and viruses as it will be purified through RO followed by UV sterilization

* Free from dissolved impurities like salts and heavy metals as it will be purified by RO process.

* Having essential natural minerals too as it will be purified by Mineral RO technology

Kent Mineral RO can be used for both Borewell and Municipal water sources or a combination of the two. It is particularly useful when the water source is variable. Especially when it is supplied by tankers, or for individuals on transferable jobs..Kent Grand Mineral RO is invaluable



  • Suiatable for all types of raw water like tap water, bore-well water and stored tank water
  • purified water of bottled quality standards yet made at home
  • T.D.S of purified water is adjustable on site to ensure minimum mineral contents in purified water.
  • Double purification by RO followed by UV along with Mineral RO technoligy.
  • Fully automatic operations with auto-start and auto-off with storage tank to give pure water on demand.
  • Built with SMPS to operate from 100-300V AC power supply.
  • Incorporates push-in fitting for leak-free performance and long life.
  • 11W UV lamp with fail-safe buzzer
  • incorporates FILMTECH membrane of DOW-U.S.A
  • High quality sediment and corbon filter exhibiting long life.




Kent Mineral RO


L 425 W 265 H 510

Purified Water- Tank

8 Litres

Purifying Capacity

15 Litres/hour

Duty Cycle

75 Litres/day (Max)

Min. Water  Pressure

0.3 Kg./cm square

Input Power

220 V AC 50 Hz (100-300V)

Booster Pump

24 V DC (1 No.)

Filter Catridge

Sedinents. Pre-Carbon
UV chamber

RO Membrane

1812 75 GPD(1 no.)

UV Tube

11 W (1 no.)



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