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Rain Water Harvesting by Pure Water House

  • Rain Water Harvesting is the technique of collection and storage of rain water at surface or in sub-surface aquifer,before it is lost as surface run off.The augmented resource can be harvested in the ground water reservoi is augmented at a rate exceeding that under natural conditions of replenishment.

    Why is rain water the best water to drink?

    Consider this, ​the Cauvery river, in the course of its flow is contaminated by human faeces, animal faeces, dead and decaying plant matter, dead bodies which have been partially burnt, industrial effluents, toxic chemicals - all this is before the water is ​even ​brought to the settling tanks and do​sed​ with alum and chlorine ​. Only then does it reac​h​ your ​sump​. On the other hand your roof rain water in Bangalore is free from industrial pollutants and is ​potentially, ​the purest form of water​, straight out of clouds formed over the oceans. It is second only to distilled water. ​You can keep ​your terrace clean and free of pesticides and pet excrement​. ​The rain water ​can be strained directly ​en-route to ​the ​sump​. You can then​ pass​ it ​ through a sand filter on the ​pump line ​ ​en route ​ to your overhead tank​. This water can be used for household purposes. The drinking water can be passed through a simple sediment filter, carbon filter and ​U​ltra ​F​ilter to give you the purest drinking water of all ​.At the most economical price. Without electricity or wastage as there is no reject water. Please harvest and drink your roof rain water even if you live in an apartment.

  • In urban areas,rain water avaliable from roof tops of buldings,paved and unpaved areas goes waste.This water can be recharged to aquifer and can be utilized gainfully at the time of need.The rain water harvesting system needs to be designed in a way that it does not occupy large space for collection and recharge system.A few techniques of roof top rain water harvesting in urban areas are described below.